Trying to think outside the CRACKER?

Check out the pictures below for helpful tips!

Hi Jason,
 This is fresh, wild-caught king salmon with a glaze made from soy sauce, white miso, Trader Joe's South African Spice Blend and Dyer's Desires medium jalapeno jelly. It was served over pearl couscous and sauteed veggies: radicchio, asparagus, Anaheim pepper, Vidalia onion and cremini mushrooms kissed with a bit of soy, more of your awesome jelly, and a touch of butter. 

Was happy to leave reviews on your website and Facebook. The jelly is delicious. In fact, it's the best pepper jelly I've ever had! It might take me a little while to work through two jars, but I'll definitely want to try the hot version next.
All the best, 
Alan Small

Do you have a professional or personal event coming up? Have no time to cook or prepare? Cream cheese, crackers and jalapeno jelly to the rescue! The easiest set up, and everyone will LOVE it! 

I can't say enough about the Berry Chipotle and any BBQ sauce.

Berry Chipotle and pulled pork... DANG! The sweetnes, smoky, and spicy brings the meat to a whole new yummy!

In BBQ sauce for a great finish! Caramelizes on the meat to give it an amazing texture and flavor!

Clasic biscuits and sausage with a Strawberry Jalapeno Jelly twist!

Hot, or Reaper Jelly on chicken wings! DANG!!!

Cured dill salmon with Pumpkin Jalapeno Jelly. It's the BOMB!

Doesn't get more classic than cream cheese and crackers!

Korean Pot stickers, dip! 

Best PB&J ever!

Take your noodles from blah to YUM!


Grilled meats have never tasted better!

Breakfast, on pancakes!

Burgers or sandwiches taken to the next taste level!

This delicious Thai soup now sweeter and spicier!

Baggles, toast or croissants! 

Jalapeno jelly is the perfect companion to any brunch! 

I added a full tablespoon of the Why Jelly to sliced chicken breast and sautéed in chili oil  to give it a big kick!  Over some fried rice.  It was soooooo good!!!

...Annnd breakfast!

Delicious turkey burgers with caramelized onions, feta, and of course cranberry jalapeño jelly! So good! Shared with friends and they were very impressed!

Gluten free high protein waffle, apples and Apple Butter Jalapeno Jelly!

It changes popcorn for EVER!

Sour dough toast and jalapeno apple butter = heavenly breakfast! 

Grilled Fish, yes please!

Classic toast and jelly!

Grilled chicken perfection! 

Any sanwich or salad now with the best dressing, jalapeno jelly! 

Sweet and spicy, jalapeno jelly wings!

Sweet and spicy burgers!

Top off your casseroles!

Pretzels and jelly for a snack!

On muffins!

Grilled salmon topped with jalapeno jelly, left to caramelize, YUM! 

Honestly this is so good! I don't even like jalapenos, I know, I know.... so crazy but Dyer's Desires is the BOMB!! We had this Tropical Jelly over New Year's and it was definitely delicious. YUMMY :)

A quick play on the classic orange chicken made by marinating and cooking chicken breast in Dyers Desires Strawberry Jalapeño jelly, over a bed of simple white rice and paired with whatever veggies you’d like. The cauliflower and asparagus gently sautéed in a mixture of sesame oil, rice wine vinegar with some salt and pepper. Keep it simple to really appreciate the flavors you have with this glazed chicken

This one is a must try! Reaper Jelly on a burger can only be from Heaven. I've tried it with and without cheese, with and without mayo, either way, It makes it absolutely delicious! 

 The jalapeno jelly makes an ordinary ham and cheese sandwich, extraordinary flavor! Lunch to the next level!

Fried ham, Strawberry Jelly and buttermilk biscuit!

Fisnish your BBQ recipes with jalapeno jelly, for a sweet and spicy flavor! 

Biscuits and jalapeno jelly!

Finished these poppers with jalapeno jelly on the grill, so delicious I fogot to take an after picture. You are just going to have to try it yourself! 

Mix your marinara sauce with jalapeno jelly, for a sweet and spicy pizza!

Sauteed shrimp to top off your salads!

On top of eggs!

Dipping sauce for your steaks (or any other meat)...

Any rice + jalapeno jelly= delicious! 

On Sausage and Shrimp!